What's Up, Button Up?

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1/2 yd. BLACK Cotton Organdy- Zede’s favorite garment interfacing, pre-treated to give body to collars, cuffs, plackets, etc.  No need to pre-wash.  Cut as one with your pattern piece and sew away! 

Fat 1/4 100% Polyester Organza- Perfect for interfacing sheer garments.  Dye to match your fabric, or use as is.  100% poly will not shrink.  Iron on low after laundering.

18”x18” Tear Away Stabilizer- This thin tear away has a fusible side (but you don’t have to use it).  This weight is perfect for temporarily stabilizing plackets while stitching buttonholes.

7 Buttons from our collection- Enjoy! (Buttons may be different from product photos, each package is unique!)