Sewing Out Loud Podcast Sponsorship

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Reach an audience of dedicated makers who are hungry for quality materials, tools and knowledge.  Zede and Mallory are happy to align themselves with brands that serve to inspire the creative and curious people who listen to the Sewing Out Loud Podcast.  

Each episode is downloaded 10,000 times the week it is published.  Many new listeners who find Sewing Out Loud start from the beginning of our extensive archive, so you'll keep your brand at the top of their minds long after you book a sponsorship.

Contact with any questions 

Sponsors Receive:

-30 second pre-roll announcement at the beginning of the podcast.

-1-2min ad break in the middle of the podcast.

-A feature in our newsletter the week of your ad, with a picture of your featured product and link to your site.

-A feature in the "Show Notes" of the podcast, with link to your site and picture of your featured product.

-Bulk rates are available, if you wish to sponsor 4 episodes in one year.

After you book your spot on the podcast, we'll be in touch to finalize details, such as graphics and discount codes.


Zede and Mallory Donohue