Cone Mills Denim Harlow Black S-Gene

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This high quality, American-made denim has a 20% stretch and is perfect for making your own jeans!  Mallory used this denim for her Ginger Jeans, and it's recommended by garment stitchers and manufacturers all over the globe!

Fabric Details:

54" wide

10 oz denim

92% cotton, 7% polyester, 1% spandex

Harlow has black weft threads and white warp threads for a dimensional dark denim look. 

Care:  We recommend pre-washing your denim before making your jeans, if you plan on washing your jeans after wear.  After making your jeans, wash on cold, dry for 5 min on low and hang to dry.  This will help preserve the elastic fibers that give the denim its stretch and recovery properties.

There are two size options for this item, so that you may purchase the fabric in half-yard increments.  If you purchase 2 one-yard pieces and 1 half-yard piece, we will cut 2 1/2 continuous yards for you, unless you specify otherwise.